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Business Solutions For Small & Mid-Sized Enterprises.

The doors to KENCTAD| 8th conference will be open at 8:00am. The first hour is reserved for registration, pre-event press, networking & attendee assignment to the respective siting arrangements. Attendees will include; Delegates, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers & VIPs. Attendance is strictly for pre registered attendees.

In Africa, smaller businesses employ the bulk of the working population, making a sizable contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth across the continent. [ Via IFC ]KENCTAD, recognizing the social and economic importance of smaller businesses and the unique challenges they face, has launched KENCTAD 8th Conference.
The event is designed to highlight & showcase different industry players who offer timely business solutions to SMEs.A key component of this summit will be an establishment of collaborations between different players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

KENCTAD8| Panel Discussion
This will offer a platform for SMEs to engage with ifferent stakeholders on different issues affecting their day to day operations.

Networking & Exhibition:
KENCTAD summit provides for a chance to network. The post event networking session allows for our delegates to engage with our partners based on how best they are sold &/ or connected to the partner’s solution. It also allows for for B2B conversations among the delegates & /or partners.

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